If you have a BMX bike, you might think it's only for the dirt tracks at home. That's not the case. BMX bikes are built for dirt tracks. There are trails designed with BMX bikes in mind though. BMX trails will give you the thrills you want when you're riding.  If you've never taken your bike on a BMX trail before, read the list below. Here are four reasons to start exploring the BMX trails on your bike. 

Push Your Bike to New Limits

If you're used to dirt tracks, it's time to push your bike to new limits. Trails are one of the best ways to see what your BMX bike can handle. BMX trails don't have the steep grades you find on most mountain trails, and that's a good thing. BMX bikes don't have the tires or the brakes you need to handle steep grades. But, you can still push your BMX bike to the limits on your trail ride. That's because BMX trails have all the jumps and twists you want for your bike. 

See Out of the Way Places

If you want to go beyond the view you get on a dirt track, it's time to hit the BMX trails. One of the great things about BMX trails is that they're in the same areas you'd expect from a mountain bike trail. When you ride BMX trails, you'll go through mountains and valleys. You might even need to jump a few streams along the way.  

Build Up Your Skill Level

If you're looking for a way to improve your skill level, now's the time to explore some BMX trails. If you're a beginner, you might think the trails are too advanced for you. That's not the case. You'll find BMX trails for all stages of experience. The beginner trails offer an easy-going ride, but you'll still get your share of twists and turns. The advanced trails offer bigger jumps and bigger thrills. Riding the trails lets you build up your skill level.  

Expand Your Network

If you want to get into the BMX circuit, get started on the trails. When you ride the tracks in your hometown, you don't get the exposure you need to break out into the big leagues. That's why you need to hit the trails. Riding the BMX trails lets you expand your network while you're pushing the limits on your bike.