Parents often struggle to get children off their devices, but when going on a family trip, you can avoid the struggle and tension by embracing a cell phone to become a part of the adventure. A whale-watching trip includes incredible sights and memories. Children can use their smartphones in three different ways to enhance a trip and create memories the whole family enjoys.

1. Sea Maps

As you cruise across the ocean waters, you will often only see the blue waters around you. Children can get a better sense of their location by downloading a sea map app. Marine navigation maps offer precise looks at the location of the boat and give children a sense of their exact location. 

Some apps have advanced features including looks into the depth of the water and historical information. Maps provide a lot of ways to enhance the trip and can turn into an educational opportunity. When a whale is spotted, a child can mark the location on the map and look over all the spots once the trip is over.

2. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Turn a whale watch into a fun photo scavenger hunt using a smartphone camera. Before the trip, you can make a list of the most common whales you'll see. For a child to score points, they must capture a clear image of the animal. You can introduce bonus points to the scavenger hunt. For example, you can add in other sea creatures like seals or dolphins. 

You can add extra points for other ships, airplanes, or random items you may find on the trip. Once the trip is over, you can go through all the pictures and add up the total points. You may even offer a whale watching souvenir as a prize.

3. Inspiring Music

As your family takes to the open sea during a whale watch, a child can play some inspiring music to increase the adventure. Scores from famous movies like Jaws or Pirates of the Caribbean feature sea-inspired themes that can add to the atmosphere of the trip. 

Browse through soundtracks based on ocean movies and create a whole playlist with your child before the trip. The music will create a fun atmosphere the child can listen to through headphones or through a small speaker. You could also play tracks from the various soundtracks on your way to whale watch to build excitement.

Brainstorm with the whole family to come up with unique ideas to increase your fun on the whale watching adventure. Speak with the professionals in charge of the whale-watching tour for more ideas.