If you're planning a destination wedding, you should think about visiting the location in advance to thoroughly assess it before you confirm that it will host your wedding. While it's certainly possible to book your wedding without having first visited the destination location, seeing the site in person will always give you the highest degree of confidence that it's the right choice for your big day. Plan to visit the location with your soon-to-be spouse for a few days, and make up a checklist of things that you want to verify. Here are some specific things to check out during this visit.

The Accommodation

Regardless of the type of destination you're considering, the simple fact is that it will host you and your guests for several days. As such, you'll want it to be suitable. Visiting in advance gives you the opportunity to assess the accommodation and determine whether it's up to your standards. For example, if you're planning a beach wedding, you'll want to stay in a beach-side room because this is the type of room that many of your guests will be in. If you're impressed with the room's size and cleanliness, as well as its close proximity to the beach, this can increase your confidence in the site as a whole.

The Food

Food is a big part of any wedding experience and is thus important to assess during your initial visit to the destination. While you might not get the chance to have the exact same meal that you'd like to have during your wedding reception, you can still get a good sense of the caliber of cuisine just by eating at a few of the site's restaurants. Take note of the taste of the food and its presentation, as well as the service of the staff. If you're happy with each of these things, it's another incentive to choose this location.

The Amenities

You need to remember that your wedding and reception will likely only last a few hours, which means that your guests will need other things to do during their stay. Try to sample as many of the site's amenities as possible, whether it's checking out the beach, swimming in some of the pools, or enjoying some of the other on-site activities. Keep your guests in mind as you assess the amenities. For example, if a lot of your guests have children, you should take stock of the child-friendly amenities at the destination.