What do you plan for the night before your wedding? If you follow the tradition of not seeing your fiance before the big day, you'll most likely want to spend this night with your friends or very close family members. And one of the best ways to do this is with a hotel sleepover. What makes a sleepover the perfect choice? And how can you organize your sleepover so everyone has a good time? Here are a few answers.

Why Have a Hotel Sleepover?

If your wedding venue is part of a hotel or resort, sleeping over at the hotel is a smart logistical move. Rather than scrambling in the early morning to get out of the house and leave remaining work to others, you'll pack everything you need the day before. You won't be able to stress over details because you won't have as many distractions. And if you're having the wedding at the hotel, then you won't have to travel to your wedding site, which will save time and stress. 

Plus, a hotel sleepover is a great way to relax and focus on the joy of this moment. Because the hotel arrangements are private and under your control, you share it only with those you really love and want to share this special time with. You can often enjoy a pool, spa, salon, restaurant, and other amenities without having to drive or host. 

What Should You Do Before the Sleepover?

Talk to your intended hotel about your plans so they can let you know what the rules are and brainstorm ways to facilitate your party. They might be able to assign you a room or rooms away from other guests, for example. Or they might suggest a suite or connected rooms so you can keep the gathering inside. Be considerate, though, and respect both the room's occupancy limits and the sleep of other guests. 

Pack up what you need to take with you early in the day. Make a checklist of items and drop off what you can even before check-in time so you know it's covered. Arrange for a few people who will not be at the sleepover to take over certain wedding prep duties so you can enjoy the hotel instead. And finally, force yourself to let go of last-minute work and focus on having a great evening instead. 

Where Should You Start?

Begin planning by talking with your wedding venue hotel or one nearby. Together, you and your hotel will craft an evening you'll never forget. To learn more, contact a hotel like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre to see what planning ideas they have.