The food that you eat on a commercial flight isn't generally much to get excited about. While the options can be appealing in first class, the average air traveler in economy class rarely gets any food that is overly memorable. If you're in the process of chartering a trip on a private jet for the first time, however, you'll have plenty of reasons to eagerly anticipate the airplane meal. Given that this method of travel is new to you, here are some things that you should know about the food on a private jet.

You Can Make Advance Requests

When you fly commercially in economy class, you generally don't have a lot of say over what you eat. Usually, there will be a couple of snack options and, if your flight is long enough, you have the ability to choose between a couple of meals. This isn't the case with a private jet. When you book the flight, you can work with the charter company to discuss your preferred menu. The company will go out of its way to provide whatever type of food you and your guests will enjoy. Whether you want something fancy such as sushi or simply want a few pizzas to be available, you have this choice. This flexibility is especially ideal if you or one of your fellow travelers has food allergies.

You'll Appreciate How It's Served

One really nice thing about private jet travel is that you get to enjoy your food served in a stylish manner. Instead of using plastic plates and cups like you're used to when you fly commercially, you'll get to enjoy your meal on proper china and drink out of a glass. Private jet companies have all sorts of serving options to make your meal enjoyable. The flight attendants can even bring your food to you in stainless steel cloches to offer a high-end experience.

You Can Take Your Own Food

While you can certainly travel on a commercial flight with some foods that you pack at home, there are many different criteria that these items must meet. This isn't the case with private jet travel. If you're keen on taking a specialty food item onto the plane with you, you simply need to clear it with the airline first. For example, if you're celebrating the birthday of one of your fellow travelers and you want to surprise them with a homemade cake, this shouldn't be a problem. Just run the idea past the charter company in advance, and it will likely be able to accommodate you.

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