Hiring a yacht charter is a great way to change things up for vacations, parties, and other fun moments. It's important, however, to make sure the booking matches your needs. Pay attention to these five things when you arrange a yacht charter.


Yachts are fairly diverse in their designs, and that means you need to be clear about what your purpose for chartering one is. There's a big difference between chartering a small yacht for long-distance travel on a vacation versus getting a big one to host a party just offshore. No detail is too small to include when telling the company what you require.

Size Matters

No one wants to end up at sea with less yacht than they require. Figure out what the maximum size of your group is going to be before you charter a yacht. If folks are chipping in for the trip, make sure they provide their portions before you submit the deposit on the yacht.

Know the Rules

Going out to sea means accepting the command of the yacht's captain. The captain is a skilled professional who is legally responsible for getting you and your guests safely back to dry land.

You will undergo orientation when you board the yacht. This will include a run-through of basic safety procedures in case of an emergency. Be prepared to listen, and don't feel like any question is too stupid to ask. It's better to ask a silly question than to be in an emergency without a clue of what to do.

Determine Special Needs

You need to establish special requirements for a journey long in advance of everyone getting on board. For example, if someone requires heart medication, make sure they bring a sufficient supply for the trip and at least an additional week in case there are issues along the way. Bad weather can happen while sailing, and it may slow down the trip. Any equipment will have to be checked before it's brought on board so make sure you provide clear details.

Know the Tipping Etiquette

Unless you're going to sail on a very small yacht, there will likely be several folks on the ship to assist you with basic tasks. It's poor form to not tip them for things you'd tip for at a hotel or restaurant. If they assist you with bags, for example, you should have a couple of dollars available to tip for each bag handled.

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