Italy is a beautiful country known for its love of food and fashion. Yet, as in most countries, the culture of Italy varies somewhat between cities, and each city also has its own architecture and personality. If you're visiting Italy, whether on a cruise or otherwise, here are four cities you'll want to see.


Venice is a unique city in which residents travel by boat through the canals that run through the city center. It is also known as the "city of bridges" thanks to its extensive waterways. Located in the northeast, it is a very traditional city with a rich, authentic culture. There are a lot of tourists in Venice, so the locals are used to visitors and are quite welcoming to them. However, Venice is less modernized than some of the larger cities like Rome and Florence. In addition to riding along the canals, you need to visit some of the glass-making companies in the area as this is a big industry in Venice.


Florence is best described as enchanting and artsy. It is said to be the place where the Renaissance began, and it remains rich with culture. There are famous art museums and attractions, like Museo Di San Marco and the Duomo, where you can enjoy the work of classic painters. The culinary scene is exceptional, with traditional and more modern cuisines served at local restaurants. 


The capital city of Italy, Rome is definitely on the must-see list. It has an interesting combination of new and old architecture. Modern buildings are intermixed with ancient ruins and aqueducts. You will learn about old Rome at attractions like the coliseum and pantheon. Wander towards the outskirts of the city, and you'll find markets, authentic pizzerias, and wineries. Rome is easy to navigate on public transportation, too.


Milan is perhaps the most posh city in Italy. It is known for its role in the fashion industry, and it's decidedly more modern, in a cultural sense, than other cities on this list. However, there are still many older, historical sites to see, such as the Milan Cathedral and the Teatro alla Scala. When in Milan, be sure to dress well, and prepare to be pampered with high-end cuisine and amenities.

When you visit each of these cities, you will end up with a thorough understanding of Italian culture and what makes Italy the lovely, enthralling nation that it is. Consider a car service, like Rome Limousines LLC, for traveling in the country.