Whether it be a work trip or a group educational venture, there is always a need for a fun activity to break up the experience. These activities can be a bonding experience for the group, and they are often a highlight that your other team members or students will remember. Here are some ideas for thrilling activities to plan into your next group experience. 


A zipline is something that your group can do that is exciting but not too challenging. Zipline tours often include light exercise, a trained guide and safety checks, plus the opportunity to fly through the sky in a beautiful setting. It helps if you explain that zipline is safe and doesn't require a lot of athletic ability. In fact, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and athletic skill strengths. 

Hikes or Walks

As long as you choose something that isn't too strenuous, a hike can be enjoyable for a group. It is a chance to get some fresh air during a long week in meetings or at a conference. For the best results with a varied group, choose walks and hikes that are on paved pathways and of an inclination of 500 meters or less in either direction; both going up and down can be difficult for those with low aerobic capabilities or with knee and back problems. 

Cooking or Tasting Activities

Why not try some local cuisine wherever you're visiting? Or, you can go even further and try to cook some local dishes yourself. Either way, everyone loves to eat. Those who don't want to cook can still participate in the learning aspects of the event and enjoy some of the food. Make sure to consider what food allergies are present in your group so that you can find a tasting menu that everyone can enjoy. Try to have at least one item for everyone. 

It makes sense to choose a few of these activities so that you get something that is appealing to everyone. Don't force participation in all activities, but encourage people to stick with the group and try something new together. While you can't always plan activities that are a hit for everyone, these activities give you some starting point for discussing options with your group. Do some research, present a few options, and decide what makes the most sense for your group based on the responses you get. Check out businesses such as Canopy Pura Aventura for more information.