If you want to give someone a special gift, a trip in a limo can be a perfect special gift to add to your Scotland vacation. A limo trip is a special and unique experience that most people don't get to experience, so the gift of a limo ride can be very special indeed.

Incorporate A Limo Ride into Your Special Gift

Although a ride in a limo is great, it is even better when it is incorporated into a bigger special gift. Perhaps you surprise your loved one with a spa day, with a limo providing the transportation. Or perhaps you take them out to a nice dinner and out to a show using a limo. A limo can really make a special gift into an extraordinary gift, especially when you add it on to of an already great vacation.

Make It a Surprise

Second, make the limo ride a surprise. You may have to let your loved one know about part of the event, such as a special day at the spa or a special night out. However, keep the limo part of the experience a surprise. This will make the limo ride even more special to your loved one.

Book The Limo for The Weekend

Third, in order to make the experience more affordable for you, book the limo for a weekday. Most limo services are busier during the weekend, and thus charge a premium for weekend services. Many limo services also offer discounts when individuals book limos for weekday service. See if you can negotiate a good deal for a weeknight rental.

Customize The Experience

Work with the limo company to customize the experience. Many limo companies offer custom packages that will make the experience more memorable. Some limo companies will add flowers or Champaign to your limo.

If the limo doesn't have any special packages, work on customizing the experience yourself. Purchase flowers to put in the limo. Get your loved one's favorite drink to enjoy during the drive or a special little treat, such as truffles.

Plan a custom playlist for the experience that will make it even more special. Most limos should have hook-ups so that you can sync your phone or MP3 music device with the limo speakers so that you can create a custom music experience. Music can really set the mood, so make sure that you have the right playlist for the event.

If you want to create a special experience for your loved one, incorporate a limo ride into a special day or evening that you plan for your loved one on your vacation to Scotland. Try to rent the limo during the week to save some money, and be sure to customize the experience with flowers, beverages, and a special play list. For more information, contact companies like Tours of Scotland.