Once you have booked your private sailing tour, you can expect an adventure on the seas with sea life and action that only a sailboat can provide. Especially if this is your first time out on a sailboat, you will want to bring the appropriate items with you to make your trip most comfortable. Here are three tips to help you pack the right items for you to enjoy your sailing tour.

Tip #1- Protect Yourself From the Sun

Because you will likely spend most of your trip above deck to enjoy the sights and sounds, you will be exposed to the sun's harmful rays for a majority of the trip. Be sure to wear and pack sunscreen with a high SPF coverage. Bring some spray-on and also lotion sunscreen and chap stick containing SPF protection and remember to apply it often.

Appropriate clothing can also protect your skin from the sun. Bring a wide-brim hat to help additionally shield your skin and a t-shirt, a swimsuit cover-up, a sarong, or some shorts you can wear over your suit when you make any stops on land.

Tip #2- Protect Yourself From Seasickness

If you are new to sailing and don't know if the rocking motion of the boat will make you nauseous, or you have experienced motion sickness in the past it is best to bring some medication to prevent and stop motion sickness. If you are worried about the medication making you sleepy, you can try motion sickness wrist bands, which trigger pressure points in your wrists to prevent motion sickness. Be sure you follow the instructions on the wrist bands to wear them in the appropriate spot to stop motion sickness from occurring.

Tip #3- Bring Items to Boost Your Enjoyment

In addition to your personal items you bring with you, be sure to bring some snacks and a water bottle. It is important to keep hydrated and feeling full to help fight off seasickness and dehydration.

Because you will likely spend the trip in a swimsuit, bring an extra swimsuit to change into when one becomes wet. Bring several plastic bags, preferably with a zip closure to place items into, such as your cell phone, wallet, and camera. A plastic bag is also helpful for storing sandy or wet items in your bag and protect other items from becoming wet and sandy.

Bring some snorkeling gear if you plan to snorkel and the boat does not provide them. Check with the boat charter or owner before hand to find out what gear you need to bring.