If you have the heart of a true fisherman, it is tough to wait during off-months to get off-shore. It is possible to find good fishing any time of the year, despite the weather, if you know where to go and what to expect. Some of the best fishing could be just a boat charter and excursion away!

Enjoy great deep sea fishing year-round, but make sure that you know where to go:


It is tough to beat the deep-sea fishing in Southern Florida, especially in the spring and summer. The Snook begin to spawn in the early spring, and waters off the coast are full of Barracuda and Tarpon later on. In the fall, King Mackerel and Cobia are aplenty, and many fish for shark year-round.   


Mexico offers year-round fishing, depending on what you are looking to catch! For instance, f is known for Marlin in the summer months, as well as Sailfish and Mackerel in the spring. During the fall and winter, fish for grouper and wahoo; in fact, the gulf waters are lauded for fishing.

East Coast

It may be tough to get off-shore in the brutal New England winters, but that doesn't mean they don't fish! Scallops and halibut are popular in the winter, and flounder or flatfish is a warm-weather crop. You will also find lobster fishing all along the East Coast, year-round.


California promises something for every fisherman, throughout the calendar year. Some of the biggest catches occur during the winter season, such as Halibut, Sea Bass, and Cod. When the weather warms in the summer months, you will find fishing charters and trips for tuna, Barracuda, Albacore, and Bonito. During a brief window in August and September, it is possible to fish for Dorado off the California coast.


In Canada, the mackerel start running in early July through September, about the same time that fishermen flock to the country for tuna fishing. It is reported that the world's largest tuna comes from the eastern Maritimes, particularly Prince Edward Island. This region also garners significant income from commercial fishing, including for salmon and wild-caught sardines, staples in many Canadian homes.  

What are you waiting for? There is always something to fish off-shore for, you just have to go out and find it! Visit fishing charter sites to find out information pertaining to scheduling and costs of going deep-sea fishing any time of the year.